“School subject Olympiads are the real Olympic Games as they comply with the Olympic standards of the Ancient Greeks. Running, fist fights, javelin throws, declamations and other disciplines incorporated in the antique games reflected the activities of everyday life. Contemporary Olympic Games have long since lost their ties to everyday life. What is the point of running fast if a car is a lot faster?”

(Professor Agnis Andžāns) 

International School subject Olympiads are an exciting way for students to realise their intellectual potential. It allows one to compete among one’s equals, to get to know people with similar views and interests, and acquire bonus points for further education. By supporting students’ participation in the School subject Olympiads, we invest in the teachers, scientists, entrepreneurs, doctors and heads of state of tomorrow i.e. we help to develop a talented society.

The goals of the Support System for Student Participation in International School subject Olympiads are as follows:

  • to provide financial support for Latvian teams participating in International School subject Olympiads;
  • to help with the organisation of the training of the teams and to provide financial support for the teams;

to inform society about the importance of International School subject Olympiads and the achievements of our students. 

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