Laboratory for Talented Education

The word “talent” is used in everyday life as a self-explanatory concept with a broad number of definitions.

There are two opposite views when it comes to talent. One is that all of us are gifted, people just have to find their talent. From this viewpoint talent is understood as:

  • increased capability to carry out a certain activity or
  • the ability to repeat what one has learned.

The other view – only a few of us are gifted, and we have to find these few. How? By what signs? What does the word gifted mean? These questions remain unanswered, thus allowing unclear concepts to blossom.

But the economy and culture is pushed forward by new discoveries and inventions not by repetition of that which is known. If we pick out and support only those who are good repeaters or count on the sudden emergence of geniuses, we will not be able to solve the proliferating contemporary problems.

Laboratory for Talented Education researches and develops a different approach. Talent is a result not an initial gift. Talent is the ability to generate new ideas that are different enough from those available before, and present new opportunities to the human race.

The theoretical basis for this is the tool TRIZ (Теория Решения Изобретательских Задач) developed by G. Altshuller, and the Theory of Talented Thinking that is based on the aforementioned tool.

19 procedures for talented thinking are presently available. These procedures are not separate techniques or methods. Procedures for talented thinking form a system that corresponds with the regularities in the development of ideas.

Thinking, as well as talented thinking, is a social phenomenon. Every one of us is capable of it.

The tasks of the Laboratory for Talented Education programme are as follows:

  • training of teachers, parents and others;
  • promotion of research in the field of talented thinking;
  • development of methodology;
  • preparation and publication of informative materials;
  • experimental training of children;
  • organisation of international events.

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